Duty of Care Health & Safety Driver Assessments

Driving at work is covered under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and requires you to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees while at work. You also have a responsibility to ensure that others are not put at risk by your work-related driving activities.

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, you have a responsibility to manage health and safety effectively. You also have responsibility as well as a Duty of Care to ensure that others are not put at risk by your work related driving activity.

The following links have useful information on your duties as employers:

Negligence in driver safety that leads to an incident involving serious injury or death could result in employers and directors being prosecuted or even facing charges of Corporate Manslaughter!

Diamond Driver Training are able to provide cost effective courses for your company car and van drivers, and for any employees you have who may drive occasionally on behalf of the business, whether using a company vehicle or their own.

As well as Basic Driver Assessment courses we also provide a Post Incident Assessment Course which is ideal for those employees who have had reportable incidents whilst driving, and for a company who has not already put in place a driving at work assessment policy is an ideal starting point to show they are dealing with an identified Health and Safety risk.

By conducting Driver Training your business could benefit through:

  • Potential reduction in insurance costs.
  • Lower costs related to incidents, repair costs, employee sickness etc.
  • Potential savings on running costs, fuel, tyres general repairs.
  • Positive company image through more courteous and considerate drivers.
  • Greater H&S legislation compliance.

For those drivers that take on board the coaching and guidance given they can also benefit:

  • Better understanding of their vehicle.
  • More relaxed, eco-friendly driving style.
  • Improved concentration and reduced stress levels whilst driving.
  • Enhanced observational skills.
  • Improved ability to anticipate and deal with potential hazards earlier.
  • Reduced risk of incidents.

Courses can be tailor made to suit your operation and would cover everything from legal responsibilities as a driver, to vehicle sympathy and driving technique.

Diamond Driver Training have been conducting Duty of Care Post Incident and Driver Assessment Development Courses for a number of large companies, which have been well received by the candidates as well as the Managers.
Rob Matthews, Landscape & Transport Officer at Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust had the following comments regarding our Driver Development and Assessment course. “Thanks for the provision of this service. From a Managers point of view this has provided us with evidence of the individual’s abilities and literally does what it says ‘assesses their driving ability’. From the drivers point of view; I have a brief 1:1 on receipt of your assessment and trainers report and we discuss the day. In all cases the chaps have enjoyed the training though I think that for some the level of concentration required made them tired!! The staff that felt reluctant or nervous of attending have enjoyed and learnt a thing or two to improve their standards on the road-which can only be a positive. Many thanks.”

Diamond Driver Training have also conducted basic driver assessments and B+E Car & Trailer test training for this company.

We have our own private training centre for conducting trailer handling and off road assessments