DUTY of CARE Trailer Training Course

Diamond Driver Training are able to offer a driver duty of care training and assessment course to companies where employees are required to tow but where no formal training on towing has been carried out.

The course is ideally suited for those employees who already have the B+E entitlement under “grandfather rights” and have therefore not been required to take and pass the B+E test.

As an employer you benefit from showing a duty of care to an element of the employees duties which has probably not received any formal training and has until now been taken for granted. Health and Safety legislation could hold you as the employer liable to prosecution if you have failed to provide any training or on going assessment of an employees ability or suitability to carry out their duties.

Training can be conducted at employees premises subject to suitable space or at our own private full size training area for conducting manoeuvring and other exercises and have conducted this type of course for BT Plc, Blue Cross, Central Networks and local councils..

A basic template of the course covers an assessment and coaching on reversing, uncoupling and coupling, legal matters and considerations as well as an on-road driving assessment, but can be adjusted to suit your own requirements and group size. Employers will then receive a report on the assessment as well as areas where coaching was required.