Client Testimonials 2013


“Very good training, instructor showed me simple but effective techniques so that the skills required could be learnt quickly. Attention to detail was very good which helps perfect skills required.. “Russell – December 2013

“Very pleased with the training overall and would highly recommend. Dave was a great instructor and explained everything really well making the whole experience really enjoyable .. “Darren – December 2013

“Can’t fault training, every need catered for. A+ .. “Neil – December 2013

“Very friendly and helpful and patient, helped to chill and calm me when getting stressed.. “Ryan – December 2013

“Very good and highly recommend .. “Michael – December 2013

“Everything that needed explaining was easy to understand. The manner of the instructor was friendly, always giving information clearly. The instructor always tried to make me feel relaxed and confident. Excellent service… “Keith – December 2013

“Everything well explained and gone through plenty of times. Very good instructor and very good and well put together course and training facility”Dean – November 2013

“Well pleased with the training provided”Alister – November 2013

“Thanks for all your support and help, would recommend this course to anyone in the future, thank you”James – November 2013

“Happy with training, felt at ease”Andy – November 2013

“Nothing to add, everything was great”Malcolm – November 2013

“Brilliant, Ian ensured that we were to an exceptionally high standard, was brilliant”Joshua – November 2013

“Great experience with Ian, made you feel at ease at all times”Sean – November 2013

“Had a great time, lost it a bit but Ian calmed me down and kept me at it. Excellent!”Stuart – November 2013

“Thank you so much for all your patience/tolerance of my nerves and wittering. I am so grateful for you getting me through . Clean Sheet ..”Clare – November 2013

“Good training provided to bring driving skills up to standard after 13 years of driving”Leigh – November 2013

“BRILL Sarra- October 2013

“Brilliant instruction and training centre. Made it easy and straightforward, using all the time valuably”Hollie – October 2013

“A very good approach to learning”Carl – October 2013

“Good course, David made me feel at ease and gave me the tools I needed to deal with the situations I’ll come across on the roads. Thanks for a great course”Kenneth – October 2013

“Easy to read training notes, comprehensive and well considered training. Would recommend to anyone”Laura – October 2013

“The initial training and guidance from Ian my trainer was fantastic. A mix of good humour with high standards of professionalism. Thanks Diamond Training !!”David – October 2013

“Dave was really helpful and down to earth really made a pleasant environment. Thanks .. “Mark – October 2013

“Brilliant course to take..Glynn – October 2013

“Instructor is a good laugh, makes it easy, relaxed and comfortable, a pleasure to learn with. Thanks ..Gary – October 2013

“Very informative and relaxed, structured training. Really enjoyed it “Victoria – September 2013

“Fantastic training, will definitely recommend “Laura – September 2013

“Thank you for all the words of encouragement, hopefully it’s worked – (yep, first time pass and a clean sheet, no driver faults) “Sarah – September 2013

“Excellent tuition, highly recommended.. “Nik – September 2013

“Ian is very helpful, made me open my eyes a lot more to road surroundings .. “Donnah – September 2013

“Good course and instruction”Thomas – September 2013

“Excellent course and very nice people and atmosphere, highly recommended”Dan – August 2013

“I have had an excellent time, Ian has been very helpful and patient. I would thoroughly recommend Diamond Driver Training to anyone, they are professional and make you feel very welcome and at ease”Emma – August 2013

“V Good”Coral – August 2013

“Very informative training, very patient in removing all bad driving habits I had picked up “Russell – August 2013

“Excellent service and course delivery “John – August 2013

“Ian was an excellent instructor who remained in good humour throughout my many attempts to reverse the trailer, his instruction was spot on – oh and I passed first time !!”James – July 2013

“A good all round course.. “David- July 2013

“Enjoyed my three days here. Instructor made it easy to learn and I felt no pressure. Good course.. “Nathan – July 2013

“Overall a good experience and a good instructor, learnt a lot … “Lee – July 2013

“Very good course .. “Phillip – July 2013

“Good to talk to on course, very good feedback on showing how to do things right. Good cars to use on test .. “Jay – July 2013

“Was made to feel very welcome to the centre after arriving quite nervous! Will recommend to the rest of my company”Daniel – July 2013

“The instructor was very good, did his best to make me feel at ease at all times”Declan – July 2013

“Very good, straight talk in a very friendly manner”James – July 2013

“Covered all areas in depth. Very professional training. really happy with the training provided, would definitely recommend recommend Diamond Driver Training”Shaun – July 2013

“Very friendly and nice manner for teaching”Siobhan – July 2013

“Quick response with regards to enquiry. Time training used to best advantage making most of every minute available.. “Tanya – June 2013

“Very well done to Ian. Thank you .. “Michael – June 2013

“Great Instructors, everything explained really well, very patient. Pleasure to work with.”Damien – June 2013

“Everybody is very nice and professional, Instructor was brill.”Ben – June 2013

“Had a great time, felt a good warm atmosphere. Top quality 100% satisfied !”Tim – June 2013

“Instructor made me feel comfortable and the course was very informative”Paul F – May 2013

“Very helpful and informal training, but got the message across in the best way”Paul M – May 2013

“Diamond Driver Training are very helpful when doing the driving course and I will recommend them to others, I am very happy with their service”Chris – May 2013

“Found the course really good and found Ian very easy to talk to and ask anything. Will definitely recommend to anyone..”Phillip – May 2013

“Exceptional guidance, very pleased, overall fantastic training company/instructor.. “Lee – May 2013

“Very helpful and excellent training. Fun enjoyable and relaxed environment.. “Ash – May 2013

“Great friendly team, Ian was very patient with me and kept everything calm “Jessica – May 2013

” Training was brilliant, effective and easy to learn, instructor made it enjoyable”Will – May 2013

“Answered any question I asked without problems. Made the course course both enjoyable and educational – “Luke – April 2013

“Passed.. Thank you for the very good indepth training – “Mark – April 2013

“Very pleased with training received from a very experienced instructor – “Joseph – April 2013

“Received excellent training from a professional instructor – “John – April 2013

“My instructor Dave was very thorough. I have trained for my C1 with another company prior to using Diamond and have found them excellent all round – “Jonathan – April 2013

“Course was friendly and informative”Jen – April 2013

“It was good experience and it gave me an insight of what to expect when towing, especially with an animal in the back – First time pass and a clean sheet, no driver faults!”Emma – April 2013

“All aspects of the test were clearly and patiently explained, whilst the whole experience was very enjoyable. Would highly recommend !”Anthony – April 2013

“Had lots of fun as well as learning everything I needed for the B+E test”Ian – April 2013

” Well run and structured. Presented with a lot of good practical practice”Thomas – April 2013

“Great training – feel confident to tow. Learnt a lot and very practical”Alex – April 2013

“Fantastic three days with the Diamond Driver Training gang, learnt a lot, thanks a lot guys, brilliant job done.”Joe – March 2013

“Felt relaxed when explaining problems, easy to understand instructions given. Learnt a lot about the correct manner of driving”Dan – March 2013

“I would like to thank Karl for his patience with me, helping me to stay calm & positive when reversing with the trailer, also I found the whole experience very helpful with improving my general driving”Scott- March 2013

“Very professional and understanding. Very easy to talk to when needed & to show instructions”Lee- March 2013

“My instructor Dave was outstanding, he was professional and explained everything very well. Very good instructor”Craig- March 2013

“Mark was very good at training us on how the trailer will react to the steering wheel. When driving Mark would explain bad points to our driving to improve on but would also point out our good points.”Hardeep- March 2013

“The trainer was very good and adapted his training to suit my individual needs. Extremely professional and got across what was required in set time constraints. Well pleased”Brett -February 2013

“Fantastic instructor who made me feel at ease very quickly, even when errors were being made I didn’t become panicked”Sarah – February 2013

“Made me relaxed, helped me out with all my questions, Very helpful”William – February 2013

“Enjoyed the course, good instructor, felt at ease and he was good at explaining things”Andy – February 2013

“Very well presented by the instructor. Very helpful for driving in general, enjoyed the 3 days”Shane – February 2013

“Very happy with all the training i’ve had”Gary – February 2013

“Couldn’t have asked for a better trainer. Very good course”Joe – February 2013

“Well planned & delivered professional training. Fantastic focus on not only core content delivery but also developing understanding & reasoning.
Karl delivers the training in a superb & friendly manner which puts you at ease & creates an ideal learning environment”Tom – February 2013

“Excellent training – thank you very much.”Richard – February 2013

“This course has made me more aware in my driving. Enjoyed the course”Rory – February 2013

“Karl is very professional and a brilliant teacher”Alistair – January 2013

“Very knowledgeable and a high standard of training”Dean – January 2013

“Never felt under pressure, loved the course and staff. Everything was made easy to understand and learn. Karl never lost his temper and I think he should let me have his car!!”Rosie – January 2013


“Karl was very professional at all times, explained all situations very well. Made me feel at ease from the outset.”Simon – October 2013

“The staff were very helpful all round without any problems, all in all a great company to learn with. Thanks for all your help”Isaac – June 2013


“Always gave opportunity to ask questions. High standard tailored to individual needs .. “Beth – December 2013

“Karl is a real diamond bloke, extremely professional and calm. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Many thanks… “Ian – December 2013

“Great feedback regularly from the instructor.. “Jon – December 2013

“Enjoyed the two days, good instructions and felt prepared for test.. “Nikki – December 2013

“Really pleased .. “Gemma – December 2013

“Trainers friendly and approachable”James – October 2013

“Really enjoyed my time on training days, everyone has been great towards me and really made me feel at ease. Great instructor and really helped me improve as a driver”Kirsty – October 2013

“Really made it all easy to understand and was all talked through really well. Made to feel at ease and well looked after”Sarah – September 2013

“Lovely friendly staff made horrible experience of having to learn to drive a larger vehicle a lot nicer.. “Emily – September 2013

“Great training, very much enjoyed it”Samuel – August 2013

“Excellent company to deal with, friendly and professional staff”Rick – August 2013

“Excellent advice on initial enquiry, including discussion of other options”Daniel – August 2013

“Have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with a fantastic trainer and will definitely be recommending Diamond Driver Training to others. I have learnt A LOT!! Thank you”Kylie – August 2013

“Despite the stress of learning to drive a bigger vehicle I have really enjoyed my training. My trainer made me feel at ease and fully explained what is expected of me for test day and where I may go wrong making me feel fully prepared for the test”Jessica – August 2013

“I feel I have learnt a lot over the course, but the instruction and training has helped me progress well in this short time”Lewis – July 2013

“Was really nervous at first but made to feel at ease straight away . A really good instructor , will definitely recommend”Melissa – July 2013

“Excellent training, given in a friendly and professional manner. I have enjoyed it immensely and feel a better driver because of it. Many thanks – Passed 1st time”Joe – July 2013

“Really good and helpful with me . Thanks ” Emily – July 2013

“The instructor was highly passionate to get me to the highest possible standard in terms of skills ready for the exam. I’m very happy with the training I received…”Sophie – July 2013

“Very good, pleasant, calm and will recommend to everyone … “Aurel – July 2013

“I felt well looked after, from all my initial enquiries right up to my test. It took me a while to get used to the vehicle but I was calmly encouraged and received good constructive criticism – I would recommend Diamond Driver Training to anyone”Dominique – June 2013

“Good standard overall. Understood everything clearly, would recommend to any other driver.”Matthew – June 2013

“Karl was a brilliant instructor and I will be recommending Diamond Driver Training to all my friends”Steve – June 2013

“A fantastic service, very thorough and made me feel at ease”Scott – June 2013

“Very pleased with the level of training provided, would book any further training with Diamond Driver Training”Rob – May 2013

“Training provided is great and staff are very friendly”John – May 2013

“Although the training is mentally demanding it enables you to reach a high standard of driving, which prepares you well for the test. it also teaches you new skills about the road, making you a better driver. First time pass C1+E – No driving faults, clean sheet… “James – May 2013

“Instructors were fully aware of my previous driving experience and used it to help me get to a standard to pass the test. All feedback to myself was constructive, no frustration from instructors when I made mistakes ( big top marks there). Enough short breaks to prevent fatique. the odd joke and banter here and there at appropriate times which is nice”Chris – March 2013

“Very well organised, very friendly instructor made me feel welcome and at ease”Gemma- March 2013

“Very good”Philip- March 2013

“Very happy with all aspects of the training. It was very thorough and I highly recommend Diamond Driver Training to anyone requiring further training or tests”Kirsty – January 2013

“Very good training, very helpful and patient trainers, would certainly recommend”Rebecca – January 2013

Cat C

“A very high standard of training given. all elements covered”David – November 2013

“Very helpful and a pleasure to learn with. Cheers!”Simon – November 2013

“Content relevant to course, clearly explained by an enthusiastic and approachable instructor”Matt – November 2013

“Great course, instructor very helpful, gave good advice”Dan -November 2013

“Excellent instruction, very friendly but gets to the point. Would strongly recommend”Simon – October 2013

“Very patient and informative towards my bad driving habits and how to get out of them”Adam – October 2013

“Great Training, Thanks Dave”Adam – October 2013

“If God wanted to drive he would ask DAVE!! 10/10”Simon – October 2013

“Excellent facilities, great vehicle to train in, really good practice area. See you guys for CPC”James – October 2013

“Karl was very knowledgeable and he was very helpful in all situations”Jonathan – October 2013

“Very happy with the service provided. Instructor was exceptional and training to a high standard. Will be returning to gain further qualifications.”Ryan – September 2013

“Brilliant course and trainer”Craig – July 2013

” Apprehensive at first but completely put at ease by instructor, knowledge of area and routes easy to cope with. Excellent training..”Simon May 13

” Good quality, friendly training. ..”Luke May 13

” Great ability to work out my personality on meeting and tailored the course around that making it enjoyable”Rebecca – May 2013

” Thank you Karl at Diamond for getting me through my cat C training and test. The advice given was very practical and will help with all aspects of my driving in the future”Sally – May 2013

“Really enjoyable course and training, thank you”Kath -April 2013

“The trainer provided very good, sound advice in an easily understood manner, which in turn made the driver training easier to understand and the hours spent most productive.”Adam -March 2013

“Fabulous people to deal with, makes a very stressful thing easy to deal with, many thanks”Clare -February 2013

“Karl is excellent, patience of a saint”Damonn – February 2013

“Fantastic teacher, would recommend to anyone”Dan – February 2013

Caravan Handling

“Clear instructions and lots of excellent advice from our instructor. Has given us a lot more confidence!! Thank you..”David & Janet – November 2013

“A pleasant experience, instructor very calm and allayed my fears and nervousness.”Bev – November 2013

“Very pleased with introduction to towing”Clive – November 2013

“Our four hours training with Karl gave us great confidence in caravan handling. Karl was extremely patient and explained everything in a way which made learning very enjoyable. Not one minute was wasted and we left feeling we had learned a great deal during our course. We can now look forward to our new venture without trepidation!! “Sue and Colin – April 2013

“Eric and I would like to thank Karl for his patience and expertise in showing us how to get the best out of our fifth wheel on 27th April. Eric is feeling more confident and I might just enjoy going out and about in it now! “Ann & Eric – April 2013

” I would just like to say how much I enjoyed my “learn to tow a caravan” session last week. I was so nervous that I had to take hubby with me but, thanks to excellent tuition was soon comfortable with the caravan on the car,and even hubby was impressed at the way I managed to manoeuvre around the course. Great afternoon,really learned a lot ,have already recommended you to my friends, Thanks.”Linda – April 2013