Client Testimonials 2014


“Fantastic B+E Training”Byron – December 2014

“Fantastic 3 days, i was made to feel at ease, really nice bloke”Daniel – December 2014

“Ian = Top Bloke”Alex – December 2014

“I received thorough and professional B+E training . Very enjoyable”Leigh – December 2014

“I am very happy with the hard work that was put into the B+E course by my instructor (Ian), i couldn’t have done it without him”Sam – December 2014

“Good service and an excellent down to earth instructor”Oliver – December 2014

“If you want to do your trailer training, contact Diamond Driver Training first”Hayden – December 2014

“Would recommend as the staff on booking are helpful, the course and instructors are excellent”Faye – December 2014

“Very good B+E course, The instructor was a sound geezer”Rob – November 2014

“Highly recommended, the instructor is very professional and very good at keeping people at ease”Scott – November 2014

“Very good B+E Training”Andrew – November 2014

“Good Training and fun to be taught by!! Thank you”David – November 2014

“Excellent”Helen – November 2014

“all aspects of B+E training were very good”Rebecca – November 2014

“Very good B+E Training, Will was very friendly and informative”Simon – October 2014

“Very good and friendly service, will definitely recommend to any friends/colleagues.”William – October 2014

“Excellent B+E towing instructor, Very easy to get along with, excellent all round.”Henry – October 2014

“Great service, Will is very friendly and approachable, I felt like i could ask as many silly questions as i needed. I will definitely recommend Diamond Driver Training”Hannah – October 2014

“The instructor was easy to get along with, which made training more comfortable “Joseph – October 2014

“The B+E course has been very well executed and very clear.”Rachel – September 2014

“Happy bunch of chaps, i was made to very feel welcome, they made the 2 1/2 days enjoyable, Will is such a star, i would recommend Diamond.”Karen – September 2014

“I would highly recommend this Training company to others, friendly but very professional instructors.”Thomas – September 2014

“Very happy with the help and support, it made it more manageable.”Lee – September 2014

“I chose Diamond Driver training for the location, facilities and because they have their own test centre. They were also most professional when ringing to book and ask questions.”Andrew – September 2014

“Highly recommended”Leigh – September 2014

“professional service and relaxed atmosphere”Aaron – September 2014

“Will was very professional with all the aspects of the B+E training”Richard – September 2014

“Brilliant people, really good to work with, they explain everything so good.”James – September 2014

“Very well trained”Jack – Aug 2014

“Really enjoyed my time there, great guys”Jason – Aug 2014

“Good Trainer, very helpful……”Tom – Aug 2014

“excellent … “Christopher – Aug 2014

“Will is a very good instructor, would definitely recommend him.”Luke – July 2014

“Ian was very helpful throughout all the B+E training and very professional. Very Good Course.. “Craig – July 2014

“Made the (B+E) training very easy to understand. Trainers very approachable. Great experience and enjoyable at all times.”Simon -July 2014

“Lovely instructor , fab 3 days of training”Ella -July 2014

“Very patient, with a stressed candidate”Lucie -July 2014

“Planning and execution of training is very good and felt at ease almost straight away”Paul – July 2014

“Very satisfied with my training felt at ease from the off and this feeling continued throughout the training course.
Would HIGHLY recommend. Karl – thanks for being very patient. ” First time pass and a CLEAN sheet, no driver faults…”Garon – July 2014

“The instructor is very professional and helpful. In a short time I learnt a lot and passed with zero faults A+++ !”Jim – June 2014

“It was amazing”Jack – June 2014

“Instructors were friendly and patient”Richard – June 2014

“Good teaching”Jon – June 2014

“all very good, no issues”Kevin – June 2014

“Brilliant training from start to finish, helped me progress from the start to the end of the test. Very impressed!!”Robert – June 2014

“Solid tuition & friendly instructor”Matt-May 2014

“Really enjoyed the course, all staff very helpful and easy to get on with.”Tom -May 2014

“Great service, friendly staff”Euan -May 2014

“Great instructor”Ciaran -May 2014

“Very good, very patient. Good group of guys”Michael – April 2014

“Will was a great instructor. I would definitely recommend Diamond Driver Training to anyone who is looking to take their towing licence”Nathanael – April 2014

“Very good, clear instructions. Good instructors”Chris – April 2014

“Very professional service. Easy to talk to and very good trainers”Fred – April 2014

“Ian kept us on our toes and helped us with every aspect of our driving”Joseph – April 2014

“Very thorough course”Helen – April 2014

“Trainer was very good at explaining and made me feel very comfortable in doing my training. Very satisfied in the trianing I received which enabled me to pass my test (1st time)”Brett – April 2014

“Ian was fantastic, easy listening, made clear where needed. Job well done!”Lee – April 2014

“Very happy with the training, a good mix of practical and observational training”Oliver – March 2014

“Very Good training across board .. “Gareth – March 2014

“Excellent training to a very high standard. Great Instructor Thank you.. “Richard – March 2014

“Very happy with the service, have already recommended to other people. Thanks.. “Charlotte – March 2014

“Very very good.. “Thomas – March 2014

“Very very happy, will defo recommend .. “Tom – March 2014

“Training was good, covered a lot of different roads/situations and the other manoeuvres were explained well.. “George – March 2014

“Very good course, enjoyed it, learnt a lot”Jonathan – February 2014

“Big thanks to Ian, very professional and great instructor.. “Ben – February 2014

“Really enjoyed training here, the instructor has been brilliant with helping and providing me with the knowledge needed.. “Karl – February 2014

“An enjoyable, relaxed and friendly course which puts you at ease and enables you to learn in a great safe environment. Being able to take your test at the training centre is also a big plus .. “Chris – February 2014

“Excellent training given. Very satisfied. Thank you!”Gerald – January 2014

“Very good instruction, made the instruction easy to understand, good feedback after drives. Very good overall”Michael – January 2014

“very good experience”Daniel – January 2014

“The training I had with Diamond Driver Training was excellent. Karl my instructor was extremely professional at all times.
The training he gave me was very good and I learnt a lot during my time at Diamond Driver Training .. “Jack – January 2014

“Very good friendly training, would recommend to friends and family.. “Adam – January 2014

“Fantastic training, very good instructors and very thorough. Thank you .. “Shaun – January 2014

“Good, felt at ease and enjoyed training .. “Joe – January 2014

“Great Instruction, with clear explanation of what was required on the road and for manoeuvres .. “James – January 2014

“1st Class Tuition .. “Russ – January 2014

“Very impressed with instructors experience and teaching methods .. “Stephen – January 2014

“Great Training, would recommend .. “Christopher – January 2014

“Very satisfied with overall training, very friendly service. Thanx.. “Paul – January 2014

Cat C

“Headache’s worth it! not as scary as it first looks, the good quality training always pays off in the end.”Ian – November 2014

“Brilliant Cat C Training, Thank you.”Michael – November 2014

“Great Cat C training, Happy to recommend”Richard – November 2014

“Brilliant Cat C Training Instructor”Drew – November 2014

“Very happy, Karl has been brilliant all week, i have thoroughly enjoyed myself and i have learnt so much”Chris – October 2014

“Excellent Cat C training, and instructor”Steve – October 2014

“Enjoyed My Cat C Training”Neil – October 2014

“Completed B+E, Cat C and now CE with Diamond Driver Training, excellent training every time, First time pass and no driver faults”Mike – September 2014

“Very good instructor, everything that Karl said was true”James – September 2014

“Karl is an excellent Cat C instructor, he puts you at ease and gives great feedback, i would recommend Diamond to anyone”Mark – September 2014

“Great trainers and a great company to train under.”Simon- Aug 2014

“Enjoyable few days with Karl………excellent training”Lee – Aug 2014

“Great professional company who get the best out of their drivers. Polite and approach things with a positive attitude .. “James – Aug 2014

“Karl is a top notch instructor, calm but persuasive in his instruction. A1 -First class tuition (for Cat C -LGV) “Sean -July 2014

“Trained to such a high standard (cat C -LGV), no stone left unturned, explanations were very clear & easy to understand. First time pass !! and a clean sheet”Sam -July 2014

“Good Job”Mark -July 2014

“Very impressed with the whole service provided, looking forward to completing my CE with Diamond”Steve – July 2014

“Extremely satisfied with everything I went through.”Michael -May 2014

“Very understanding and helpful trainer. Felt comfortable at all times.”Harriet – March 2014

“Excellent, professional training, very patient .. “Heather – March 2014

“Very helpful towards my individual needs, would recommend.. “Robin – March 2014

“Karl is the Best Instructor .. “Jevgenijs – February 2014

Caravan Handling

“I wish to thank Ian for a thorough grounding for towing a caravan.
I was very nervous as he will no doubt testify. All over the place at the beginning, However, with his patience, we got there in the end.
This has given me confidence to go out and try the new world of caravanning.”Heather – October 2014

“I would like to thank you for the excellent trailer training yesterday. I drove home and my husband, sitting beside me, neither braked for me nor ground his teeth –
so definitely a result! I even manoeuvred it into our tricky drive and put it in the garage – hooray! Many thanks to you. “Sue – June 2014

“Excellent! We have learnt so much more than expected on caravan handling & reversing -Karl explained things so that it all made sense at last! Thanks.”Frank & Sharon – March 2014

“Excellent mornings training. thorough explanations, felt thoroughly at ease. Really enjoyed the training, would recommend to anyone. Thank you.”Sarah – January 2014


“Overall, very thorough, very professional”Adam – December 2014

“Instructor remained professional and patient with me at all times”Louis – December 2014

“Excellent C1+E Training, would recommend”Will – November 2014

“I really appreciate all your help to set up my Horsebox driving lesson. Also could you pass on my thanks to David – his calm and positive approach on Sunday gave me loads of confidence.
I even took Tango out on a little trip in the Horsebox yesterday and everything went really well, thank you again”Donna – November 2014

“Overall good, solid and consistant training to a very high standard “Paul – September 2014

“Really great training, lots of tips and guidance. I feel like a much more conscious and aware driver after the two days with David. Thanks .. “Chloe – July 2014

“Very good, straight forward training (for C1-7.5t) in a friendly manner”James -July 2014

“Felt prepared for my test.”Neil – April 2014

“Very thorough training programme”Ben – April 2014

“Dave and other instructors very friendly and approachable and give good useful advice on how to improve. I have been very impressed and will recommend” .. Aaron – February 2014


“Very pleased with all my training, Karl made me very relaxed and comfortable”Richard -May 2014

“Training excellent”James – April 2014

H & S Trailer Handling

Nottingham City Homes

“Overall very satisfied with all of the training throughout the day”Rob – April 2014

“Enjoyed the days training, got a lot from it and feel more competent towing a trailer”Steve – April 2014

“Our trainer Karl made it an entertaining and informative course”Mark – April 2014

“Very enjoyable course”Tony – April 2014

“Top man”Tim – April 2014