Client Testimonials 2017


“Great Course” – Matthew W – December 2017

“Feel confident i have been taught what i need to know and it will only be my fault if i fail the test” – Amy – December 2017 (Amy passed first time)

“Karl is a very good trainer and he helps you through everything” – Adam – December 2017

“Great training provided clearly and effectively, made me feel at ease all the way through” – Bradley – December 2017

“Very informative, learned new techniques in training that i will use and take forward, excellent training” – David – December 2017

“Clear and simple instructions and any issues were gone over in detail so it was easier to get a clear understanding of how to do it correctly” – Lee – December 2017

“Will was very helpful when answering my questions and dealt with any of my concerns quickly and efficiently” – Steven – December 2017

“Ian was fantastic, great at building confidence and making you feel comfortable” – Lewis – November 2017

“Really good Guys” – Daniel – November 2017

“Fantastic trainer, would thoroughly recommend using Diamond Driver Training. Extremely thorough instruction, feel very well prepared for the test” – Lucy – November 2017

“Made to feel relaxed and given a confidence boost” – Ryan – November 2017

“Instructor Will is the Dogs Doodahs” – Shaun – November 2017

“I was very pleased with the training given to me by Karl. He talked me through everything i needed to know whilst driving with a trailer” – Michael – November 2017

“Instructor (Karl) very professional, explained / gives instructions clearly. Did all he could to make me feel at ease.” – Warren – November 2017

“Instructor perfect and so helpful” – Luke – November 2017

“Very Friendly and Extremely thorough and professional” – Lyam – October 2017

“Very friendly” – Lewis – October 2017

“Will was very professional and at the same time kept it light hearted which has made the course both informative and enjoyable” – Alexander – October 2017

“Very patient and explains everything very well” – Andrew – October 2017

“Spot on lads, train very well” – Craig – October 2017

” Really professional and friendly” – Adam – October 2017

” Great stuff” – Sean – October 2017

“Very good instructor, good training, all round very good” – Scott – October 2017

“Great training – everything explained easy” – Haley – September 2017

“Good teacher (Will)” – Jonathan B – September 2017

“Really great 2 days. Complete novice and struggling, to a towing pro (haha), thank you Ian” – Charlotte – September 2017″

“Will has been amazing. His knowledge is vast and his professionalism and patience put me at ease. He is a real credit to the company” – Deborah – September 2017

“Fun!! Fun!! Fun!!” – Brenden – September 2017

“Ian was a very good coach and help when stressed” – Marc – August 2017

“Great guys, spent time ironing out any faults” – George – August 2017

“Good Training, I learnt a lot in the short time” – Taylor – August 2017

“Will knows his stuff and makes you feel relaxed throughout the course. Thanks Mate!” – Thomas – August 2017

“Very intense training. I feel like i have improved a lot over 2 days” – Benjamin – August 2017

“Very happy with everything – No issues” – Chris – August 2017

“Would recommend using Diamond Driver Training to other and maybe in future use them myself again” – August 2017

“I was very happy, I felt that everything was covered and my instructor made me feel comfortable” – Joshua – August 2017

“Very professional but very relaxed course” – Daniel – July 2017

“Took the time to show me how to do it the right way, had patience with me and allowed me to take my time” – Andrew – July 2017

“Friendly and Professional” – Jack – July 2017

“Trainer put it across in an easy to understand way, not patronising” – Alexander – July 2017

“A good 2 days of training, don’t think anything could be done any better. Thanks” – Joshua – July 2017

“Excellent training manner, felt at ease throughout the course and enjoyed the complete experience” – John – July

“Good training, tells you everything you need to know to pass the test.” – George – June 2017

“Good all round” – Andrew – July 2017

“Very enjoyable & informative. Easy to understand instructions. Serious but easy going and not too much pressure” – Ashlene – July 2017

“Very friendly and professional, fab!!” – Emily – July 2017

“Will taught us well” – Ryan – June 2017

“More than happy with the training” – Paul – June 2017

“Great teaching and comprehensive training” – Jamie – June 2017

“Excellent course, put at ease throughout” – Joe – June 2017

“The team were very welcoming and delivered a good training program, making a nerve racking procedure a relaxed and well structured exercise. Highly recommended for future potential candidates” – Andy – June 2017

“Great insight to course and delivery by Ian, was great. He made us feel at ease during training and guided well during the whole process. Much recommended!” – Ravi – June 2017

“Very knowledgable, good feedback, experienced trainer” – James – June 2017

“Instructor was excellent and made the whole course very interesting and enjoyable. Will recommend to anyone” – Steven – June 2017

“Will’s training is Fan-Dabby-Tastic!!” – Sophie – June 2017

“Thoroughly enjoyable and informative training course” – Joe -May 2017

“Great Instructor” – Matt – May 2017

“Would 100% recommend” – Conner May 2017

“Really good instructor, made all instructions easy, was patient and very helpful” – Ashley – May 2017

“Ian was spot on and kept us very relaxed and made us understand everything in a friendly way” – Stephen – May 2017

“Will was a pleasure to work with” – Danny – May 2017

“Really enjoyed training provided by Will” – James – May 2017

“Provided a good way of teaching that helped confidence and made the process as easy as possible” – Mark – May 2017

“Ben has driven tractors and trailers before but he described the training as invaluable and said he would not have passed if he had not had the training and advice given. Many thanks, very pleased he passed first time. Thank you all very much for your help and I will definitely be recommending you to his friends” – John – April 2017

“Staff very good. Meet individual training needs as required” – Philip – April 2017

“Karl used his experience and conveyed instruction and training in a positive and professional manner” – Peter B – April 2017

“Good professional instructor who gave his best effort at ironing out any bad habits” – Peter – April 2017

“Will is very polite, easy going and a very good trainer 10/10” – Shane – April 2017

“I was really struggling with reversing till Karl took me to one side and went through it with me” – Scott – April 2017

“Well explained, good atmosphere” – James – April 2017

“Very professional service. Good calm teaching manner” – Ian – April 2017

“Brilliant training” – Tom – April 2017

“Very good would recommend” – Mary – April 2017

“Brilliant, easy to get on with and learnt alot. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!” – Ben – April 2017

“Made to feel comfortable from the very first lesson, instructor easily approachable. Very engaging with good lighthearted conversation” – Chris – April 2017

“Very good instructor” – Chris C – April 2017

“Very experienced instructors, would definitely train here again and recommend to others. Worth travelling the distance” – Dominic – April 2017

“Ian is a great trainer. He kept us very calm and gave me outstanding knowledge to pass.” – Graeme – April 2017

“Very good trainer” – Anas – April 2017

“Very constructive and positive” – Jack – April 2017

“Very happy, very helpful” – Ricky – April 2017

“Very good, comprehensive” – Anthony – April 2017

“A lot of knowledge and guidance from the instructor” – Mohammed – April 2017

“Had good training makes you feel at ease, plenty of time driving around test routes so makes it better for test day” – Chris – April 2017

“Excellent instruction, enjoyable course” – Cary – March 2017

“Very relaxed and laid back” – Timothy – March 2017

“Training was relaxed and enjoyable but informative. Feel all areas were dealt with” – Luke – March 2017

“Good Chap (Darren) learnt alot. Very happy” – Ryan – March 2017

“Good level of training and feedback throughout” – Louis – March 2017

“Instructor very good. Offered good precise information” – Samuel March 2017

“Very happy. All queries were considered and the instructor made learning easy. I would highly recommend. Thanks Ian” – Faye – March 2017

“Very good and helpful” – Jamie – March 2017

“Very happy, would recommend” – Jake – March 2017

“Very good training. Took time to explain both, what the book says and how to apply that on the road. Also has a sense of humour which helps. Recommend to colleagues” – Tom – March 2017

“Learnt alot, very good instructor” – James – March 2017

“Very good made everything easy to understand” – Thomas – March 2017

“Really impressed with my instructor, and quality of training” – Oliver – March 2017

“Great instructor” – Dan – March 2017

“Good training” – Samuel – March 2017

“Good training, good equipment, excellent guidance” – Josh – March 2017

“The instructor was very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful!” – Mark – March 2017

“Really supportive and friendly and always responsive to any questions or difficulties. Very professional which made me totally trust that they would get me through” – Abigail – March 2017

“Darren made me feel relaxed, top trainer” – Hayden – February 2017

“David was great! really calm and informative. Great at delivering feedback” – Emily – February 2017

“Excellent overall training program. Calm and understanding trainers” – Carl – February 2017

“Overall very good” – Mark – February 2017

“Brilliant, can’t complain” – Victoria – February 2017

“The training was good, laid back and plenty of time given” – James – February 2017

“Very relaxed and comfortable” – Ben – February 2017

“Excellent training, professional instructors, good test/practice facilities at Newark showground site” – Alisdair – February 2017

“Easy to understand and relaxed training. Very good” – Ian – February 2017

“Friendly and laid back training, very helpful and would definitely recommend” – Bradley – February 2017

“Fantastic support from Ian, many thanks” – Ben – January 2017

“Professional instructors, calming and confident towards training. Very good” – James – January 2017

“Very Happy, great service” – Jack – January 2017

“Friendly and informative, Darren made me feel at ease and gave good instruction” – Alan – January 2017

“Very happy with the training and staff very friendly” – Dominic – January 2017

“Very helpful and very professional” – Karl – January 2017

“Brilliant instructor” – Tom – January 2017

“Very good training” – Darren – January 2017

“Very friendly instructor, very relaxed learning environment” – Chris – January 2017

“Awesome training, broke it down really well” – Steve – January 2017

“Diamond driving school is absolutely brilliant. Really glad i chose Diamond and Ian is the man!!” – Andy – January 2017

“Very good knowledge of what the examiner is looking for” – Adam – January 2017

“Good knowledge and put across very well. Helpful on tips on driving safely and with confidence” – Thomas – January 2017

C1 – 7.5 ton

“Good level of appreciation for my experience and knowledge” – Charles – September 2017

“I am very impressed with the standard of training provided. I feel that the trainer was very professional and spent the time required to improve the standard of my driving” – Arron – July 2017

“Service and trainers are brilliant” – Jordan – June 2017

£Brilliant instructor who made everything very easy to understand and helped with areas I found hard. Cant recommend enough Thank You” – Claire – May 2017

“Very professional and down to earth instructors” – James – April 2017

“Great, i am very happy with the training i received” – Andrew – April 2017

“Very Happy with the training that i received” – Sam – March 2017

“Brilliant training” – James – February 2017

“Great, friendly and professional training. Also really enjoyed the 2 days. Would definitely recommend Diamond” – Atessa – January 2017


“Great instructor, very happy with training” – Liam – July 2017

“Brilliant tutor” – James – April 2017

“Very Professional” – Dariusz – April 2017

Cat C

“Thanks Dave – Number 1. Thanks for taking the time to explain” – Martin – December 2017

“Dave helps you understand the vehicle and requirements clearly and in a quick time frame” –  Richard – December 2017

“Dave was very professional and did an excellent job in picking up my faults and correcting them. Also great on appraisal” – Sam – November 2017

“100% recommend Diamond Driver Training to others, didn’t want it to end. Top bloke David the instructor” – Gareth – November 2017

“Not for the faint hearted, more personal feel to the training, nice and to the point” – Peter – November 2017

“Very pleased with training provided. Very helpful and informative instructor” – Neil – November 2017

“Very friendly and professional staff, highly recommend” – November 2017

“Great people, excellent training, made to feel really comfortable” – Chris – October 2017

“I could not have asked for more off the instructor as he was there to correct me at every moment and also briefed me at the end of each lesson” – Christopher – October 2017

“Very happy with the service. Took Cat C test with Diamond, all very pleasant to speak to and gave me a lot of help” – Michael – October 2017

” – Excellent trainer, humorous but professional” – Matthew – October 2017

“Very Professional” – Sean – August 2017

“Great driver training, would highly recommend to others” – Aden – August 2017

“Trainer knew the subject very well” – Chris – August 2017

“I am very happy with the service, I have been brought up to speed in a short space of time” – Tom – August 2017

“Really pleased and throughly professional. Would highly recommend” – William – April 2017

“Excellent” – Alan – March 2017

“The structure of how the course was delivered was great. The amount of information i have taken in is surprising. Steve is a very good instructor and a credit to Diamond training” – Lee March 2017

“Great lads to train with, very professional. Would highly recommend” – Joel – January 2017

“Very friendly and relaxed training experience. First class” – Craig – January 2017

Cat D

“Excellent training, professional instructors, good test/practice facilities at Newark showground site” – Alisdair – February 2017


“All good, Super” – Darius – September 2017

“Great instructor and training” – Karl – June 2017

“Very good course” – Christopher – January 2017