Client Testimonials 2019


“Pushed me to refine my driving and brought me up to speed quickly” – Richard – July 2019

“Good all round training, easy to learn” – Scott – July 2019

“Very happy with the training provided, Chris showed us step by step how to do things and guided me in the correct way. Very happy all in all” – Greg – July 2019

“I personally couldn’t recommend Diamond highly enough, they’ve been fantastic and professional throughout whilst making me feel comfortable 5*” – Ande – June 2019

“Ian was fantastic, great teacher!” – Jack R – June 2019

“Chris is a very good trainer, a credit to Diamond. 100% recommend” – Joe – May 2019

“Really good instructions from instructor. Really worked on errors and persisted on them until they were at a satisfactory standard. Great, thanks can not be said enough.” – Jonathan – May 2019

“Thanks to Diamond Driver Training for giving me the skills, knowledge and confidence to get through my trailer test, mainly down to my instructor Chris, what a great guy, couldn’t have asked for a better instructor – also has a great knowledge of lolly pop man/woman, lolly pop board” – James – May 2019

“Extremely happy with the course and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor” – Kevin – May 2019

“Good structured training, relaxed atmosphere. I learnt a lot, great couple of days” – Daniel – May 2019

“Instructors are really nice and make you feel calm” – Laura – May 2019

“Totally happy with Ian, made us feel at ease but at the same time kept us focused” – Tim – May 2019

“Really good instructor and answered all questions” – Tom – May 2019

“Very happy with the high standard of training, always happy on training courses when i know a failure will be due to personal error and not training provider” – Fergus – May 2019

“Really felt at ease. Some great tips but never patronising or condescending. Always offering breaks etc.” – Peter – May 2019

“Great guys, very helpful” – Simon – May 2019

“Excellent instructor, took time showing all aspects of whats required. Professional but also made myself feel at ease when on the road” – Ben – May 2019

“Highly recommend” – Andrew – May 2019

“Friendly, good approach to training with good advise in a highly professional manner” – May 2019

“Will was a fantastic instructor, friendly and helpful” – Matthew – April 2019

“Really friendly and clear training instructions. Very patient” – Katie – April 2019

“Very good” – Craig – April 2019

“Very happy” – Nathan – April 2019

“Very helpful, good lads” – Andis – April 2019

“Simply brilliant. Ian was fantastic, I’ ll be back. Thanks” – Archie – April 2019

“Increased confidence on a huge scale – making me believe i could do this” – Richard – April 2019

“Very easy booking, good Joining Instructions. Chris was an excellent instructor motivational, professional, put me at ease. Very good relaxed teaching style” – Edward – April 2019

“Would recommend, very happy. Adam is a good trainer” – Paul – April 2019

“Very friendly trainers, Ian provided positive feedback and very understanding” – Alex – April 2019

“Very good, would recommend” – William – April 2019

“Very good course. Learnt a lot and instructor was very good” – Lee – March 2019

“Good course, learnt in detail” – Joe – March 2019

“Very helpful, would recommend to others 100%” – Harry – March 2019

“Adam was fantastic, he put me at ease and explained everything very patiently. Would highly recommend, all in all great training” – Nick – March 2019

“Great training, great laugh, learnt lots” – Jason – March 2019

“Good teacher, got on well and learnt new things” – Simon – March 2019

“Excellent service, friendly staff, thoroughly recommend” – Mark – March 2019

“Really enjoyable few days with Chris. Approachable, patient, friendly and professional – plus sweets! Thanks for a great course!” – Charlotte – March 2019

“Great friendly efficient staff” – Sean – March 2019

“Excellent, really good experience with top guys” – Jonathan – March 2019

“Very friendly and informative” – Mitch – March 2019

“Good feedback on issues/concerns, got me to be confident when nervous” – James – March 2019

“Good firm, good location” – Adam – March 2019

” Excellent instructions given to understand!!” – Stephen – February 2019

“Very good relaxed instruction made it a pleasant experience” – Tom – February 2019

“Brilliant trainer, very welcoming and is good at putting you at ease” – Adam – February 2019

“Great Service!” – Jordan February 2019

“Felt very relaxed throughout and felt fully prepared for my test. Huge thank you to Chris and Diamond Driver Training” – Patrick – February 2019

“Quick methods to help me understand hitching & un-hitching better. Understood my learning pattern” – Chloe – January 2019

“Coped amazing with my nerves” – Shelby – January 2019

“Very high standard of training, clear instruction and professional at all times” – Thomas – January 2019

“Happy with training provided, gone through everything we needed to know thoroughly” – Adam – January 2019

“Very informative and patient instructor” – William – January 2019

“Excellent, professional, very informative. Left feeling confident” – Michael – January 2019

“Very happy. Ian was great” – Ben – January 2019

“Brilliant trainers/instructors” – Gary – January 2019

“Great, friendly and professional instructors and training” – Olivia – January 2019

“Instructor did a top job. Made the course funny yet very informative at the same time. Made the learning experience very enjoyable” – Tom – January 2019

“Good course, trainer taught course very well” – Martyn – January 2019

“Excellent training, very clear and easy to understand instructions” – Matthew January 2019

C1 – 7.5 ton

“Adam went out of his way to help and guide throughout the course. Was very patient and helpful through my 3 days.” – Samuel – July 2019

“Very professional service, relaxed tuition” – Ruth – June 2019

“Excellent trainer, laid back but very informative making me feel very comfortable whilst training” – Charlie – May 19

“Really enjoyed my lessons, felt comfortable and learnt a lot. Reliable and professional. Would 100% recommend” – Sarah – April 2019

“Couldn’t fault them” – Rachel – April 2019

“All fabulous” – Sophie – April 2019

“Will has been very patient and made me feel at ease throughout. I’d recommend to anyone looking at getting a C1 licence” – Thomas – April 2019

“Will was really helpful and patient. I felt i learned a lot during the course and enjoyed it.” – Kim – April 2019

“When unsure, diagrams would be drawn to help gain a better understanding. Things were talked through as you would do it so you understand why it is done like that, theory behind practice. All questions answered” – Jade-Elora – March 2019

“Fantastic service, professionalism from Karl at all times and very thorough. After driving for 10 years already, i feel my driving has improved more, which will assist me going through into the ambulance service” – Jade – January 2019


Cat C

“Very happy with training received” – Steven – July 2019

“Happy with the whole experience and enjoyed the course!” – Sarah – June 2019

“Nice and relaxed feeling around the place with very high standard of training. Adam was very friendly and we had a really good laugh whilst being professional” – Lee – May 2019

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone” – Hannah – May 2019

“Very very happy and will recommend to other people. Very relaxed and friendly” – Sally – May 2019

“Excellent instructions, very knowledgeable everything needed to put me at ease. Would recommend to anyone else who needs training. Will be asking for Will for class 1” – Chris – April 2019

“Very supportive and answered all questions” – Daniel – April 2019

“Very happy with the course and would come back in future to do my class one and would be happy to be trained by Will again” – Paul – March 2019

“I would recommend Diamond Driver Training to anyone and Will was brilliant, thanks” – Joanne – March 2019

“Spot on instruction by Will for Cat C. Can’t wait to do my C+E in a few weeks” – Nathanael – February 2019

“The training i received was of an excellent standard and i would definitely recommend to others” – Isabel – February 2019

“Great instructor” – Kamil – January 2019

“Very professional, plenty of detail and covered all areas. I felt completely at ease” Connor – January 2019

Cat D1

“The course had been extremely informative and has provided me with the practical driving experience i needed for my minibus test. The practical sessions have covered all aspects of the test and i have really enjoyed the course” – Katie – January

Cat D1+E

Cat D


“Training made fun and engaging” – Chris July 2019

“Will was very professional and friendly, explained everything very clear” – Alex – July 2019

“I am happy with all service and recommend to all customers” – Egidjus – June 2019

“Will has been great. Excellent course” – Craig – May 2019

“Thanks for the top class training you provided which enabled me to pass my Cat C+E first time. A special thanks to Will for the way in which he instructed me giving me the confidence and self belief that I could pass. He was always patient, constructive and made the days fun as well, so thanks again” – Albert – May 2019

“Great training” – April 2019

“Perfect again” – Nathanael – March 2019

“Great as ever. Fully recommend them” – Tom – March 2019

“Best instructor i’ve had” – Kamil – February 2019

“Very happy, 100% recommend” – Tomasz – February 2019

“Professional, easy to understand and informative” – Mick – February 2019

“Brilliant trainers and clear, concise instructions at all times whilst making you feel calm and at ease – Samuel – February 2019

“All instructors are polite/welcoming makes you feel at ease. All instructors act in a professional manner no matter how silly the question seems” – Robbie – February 2019

“Great training service provided by Karl” – Aurimas – January 2019

“Highly recommended” – Dariusz – January 2019