LGV & HGV Cat C & CE training & Testing

HGV CE (Class 1) our website will reflect the current options for getting LGV / HGV driving licences.
Sorry, we do not know when the government will be changing the law only that it is due later this year. Please bear with us as we are unable to provide any information and prices on going straight to CE until the law is changed.

PLEASE NOTE:  On Friday 10th Sept the Government & DVSA announced that in the future the Driving Test will be split into two parts.   An off-road reversing & manoeuvring test (with Q’s & A’s) and a separate on-road in-cab driving test.  When these changes come into effect the process and costs of licence acquisition will change. To read the transport secretary’s statement   Click here for further information We have no control over when this will happen.  

Any additional training, or the supplying of a training vehicle for additional tests, or DVSA fees that come about as a result of such changes will be added to our current options and fees.

Diamond Driver Training provide practical test training for LGV Category C, also referred to as HGV class 2 & LGV CE (articulated) also referred to as HGV class 1 covering the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Grantham, Newark and surrounding areas.

We also have full test facilities at our training centre.

Training for the LGV test would be conducted from our Training Centre located at Newark-on-Trent, the test itself would also be taken at our Training Centre and is conducted by a DVSA LGV Examiner.

2020 LGV tests – Due to covid-19 the country was in lockdown for a number of weeks resulting in fewer tests being conducted. Thanks to the hard work by our instructors and candidates during this difficult time and despite the extra work involved to keep everyone safe we are proud to say we still achieved an 88.5% first time pass rate during these difficult times.

For 2020 we achieved a first time pass rate of 96% on Category C1 (7.5 ton) , 75.9% on Category C (class 2) and 93.5% on CE (Class 1) for all original courses. The DVSA 0501 report for 2019/2020 for all practical LGV tests conducted at our test centre was 83.0% which is way above the national average of 58.9%. Please note that our pass rates run January to December rather than across years like the DVSA reports do which is why the results will be shown slightly differently.


The category C practical test must be taken and passed before being able to take the practical CE test

In order to be able to take the practical training and test for your LGV Category C (HGV class 2) licence you must first complete the following elements:

1. Have a Drivers Medical (£50 – £100) to prove you are physically fit to drive a Category C vehicle, form D4 needs to be completed

2. Obtain your provisional entitlement on your licence by sending completed forms D2 and D4 with your licence to the DVLA, the licence will generally be returned within 2-4 weeks with the provisional entitlement added. Both these forms can be ordered online from the DVLA as a pack, you will require the D2 Pack, www.gov.uk/dvlaforms

3. Take and pass BOTH the LGV Theory Test (£26) and the LGV Hazard perception test (£11), known as Module 1. (please note these are conducted as 2 separate tests). There are various publications which are essential reading before attempting the theory test, these are The Highway Code, The Official DVSA guide to Driving Large Vehicles, these can be ordered online from various suppliers.

On completion of these elements you are able to start your practical LGV Category C (HGV class 2) training with test, known as Module 3. Our  category C training vehicle is a Renault Midlum with an automatic gearbox.

If you are looking to drive commercially and for a living you will also be required to take and pass the Drivers CPC initial qualification tests which consist of the following:
Module 2 – Driver CPC case studies (computer based and conducted at the DVSA theory test centres)
Module 4 – Driver CPC vehicle safety practical demonstration (practical demonstration with the vehicle and conducted at the DVSA or our Test Centre. www.gov.uk/become-lorry-bus-driver/driver-cpc-part-2-case-studies-test

Any newly qualified driver of C1 or C category licence after the 10th September 2009, who does not already have C1 under “implied rights” will need to do the Initial Driver CPC Qualification tests (modules 2&4) in order to gain their first Driver Qualification Card, and therefore be able to drive for hire and reward.

N.B. recent changes to Driver CPC means that a driver with “acquired rights” (category C1 or C) gained prior to 10th September 2009 (e.g passed car test before January 1997), can now do either the 35 hours of CPC training, or can now take the Initial Driver CPC Qualification route instead (modules 2 & 4) in order to gain their first Driver Qualification Card (DQC) after this they will require the periodic training, 35 hours over 5 years, in order to renew their DQC card at the end of the 5 year period. This change now makes it easier for those with acquired rights to get their first DQC where time to complete 35 hours of periodic training may be limited or difficult.

LGV – Category CE (articulated, class 1)

Having passed the LGV Category C driving test the next step for most people is to take the LGV CE driving test, also know as Class 1. This category allows you to drive either an LGV articulated vehicle ( tractor unit & semi-trailer) or a draw-bar outfit ( rigid LGV with draw-bar trailer)

Diamond Driver Training are able to offer LGV CE (class 1) training and test using an automatic Renault 4×2 tractor unit  and a Corus tandem axle semi-trailer with the test conducted at our training centre in Newark..

The rules concerning the types of vehicle used for the LGV driving test have changed, from the 10th April 2014 anyone passing their LGV category C or CE test in an automatic vehicle will also gain manual entitlement for these categories providing that they hold manual entitlement in their car licence or other lorry or bus entitlements.

More information on Drivers CPC, both initial qualification and periodic training can be found by following this link: www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/Drivingforaliving/Drivinglorriesbusesandcoaches/DG_171186

For more information regarding our LGV Category C training courses please contact us.

B+E test training, CE (Class 1) ,C1-7.5t test training, C1+E test training and LGV Cat C (HGV class 2) covering Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Grantham and Lincoln test training, tests conducted at our training and test  centre in Newark.