B+E Trailer Towing Training


Click here to view B+E driving licence changes from 16th December 2021   

The legislation for towing on a standard B driving licence changed on 16th December 2021

Although there is no longer be a requirement for a practical driving test if you are a company there are still certain responsibilities regarding health and safety duty of care towards employees.

If you are a private individual and you have never towed before our require more confidence with reversing a trailer we can provide additional towing training using either your own equipment or our Navara and trailer.

The government  announced a new B+E trailer training accreditation scheme in May 2022 and we are pleased to be one of the first companies authorised to deliver this training

Diamond Driver Training currently offer the following courses:

B+E Accreditation Scheme Courses

B+E trailer/caravan handling courses for private individuals requiring confidence in towing with a trailer / caravan

B+E  health & safety duty of care trailer training for both small and large companies including amongst others:

~ BT PLC; Saint Gobain; RAC; Western Power Distribution; Network Plus; Clancy, Blue Cross; Brandon Hire PLC; QTS; Continental Landscapes; RAIB; UPM; Local councils throughout Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire~

When legislation changed on 16th December 2021 if you passed your driving test after the 1st January 1997 you will be able to tow using a vehicle and trailer/caravan/horsebox combination up to 7,000kg MAM. (The MAM of the trailer can’t exceed 3,500kg  you will need to pass a C1E test if the trailer MAM exceeds 3500kg)

MAM- is the limit on how much the vehicle or trailer can weigh when it is fully loaded

MAM can also be know as:  GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight, GVM – Gross Vehicle Mass, MPW – Maximum permissible weight, MTPLM – Maximum technical permissible mass

We can also offer bespoke handling courses for Companies

For further information on trailer training courses please contact us on 07887 894 134 or send an email to info@diamonddrivertraining.co.uk

  • B+E Trailer towing Commercial or Individual
  • Trailer Handling –  manoeuvring courses
  • Duty of Care Health and Safety Towing Courses
  • Fleet towing assessments
  • Courses can be tailored to suit the individual company requirements

Important Legislative Information:

Driving licence rule changes from 15th November 2021   

Operator Licence Rules
Tachograph Rules

Operator licence rules

From the 4th December 2011 the rules regarding towing small trailers changed in respect of requiring an Operators Licence. Historically trailers with an unladen weight of less than 1020kg behind a cat B 3500kg vehicle did not fall under Operator Licence rules even if the combination of vehicle and trailer exceeded 3500kg.

This has now changed for any vehicle and trailer combination being used for Hire or Reward when the vehicle and trailer combination exceeds 3500kg, however there are certain exemptions:

If you are not operating for Hire or Reward
If you are using a dual purpose vehicle i.e 4×4, car, estate or pickup truck, with a second row of seats and an unladen weight below 2040kg
For more information on this legislation you can download an information leaflet from small-trailer-leaflet.pdf

Tachograph Rules

For any cat B vehicle and trailer combinations exceeding 3500kg as a Train Weight which is being used for Hire or Reward then consideration must be made to driver’s hours and tachograph rules.

There are certain exemptions under domestic rules i.e equipment and materials for the drivers own use and used within a 50km distance of the base of operations providing driving does not constitute the drivers main activity.

To clarify whether you feel you may fall under tachograph rules more information can be obtained by viewing the rules online

Tachograph rules

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